Advanced Optical Fabrication

Melles Griot has in-house capabilities to fabricate a wide range of spherical, aspheric and flat surfaces. We have many different types of generating and polishing equipment, including traditional, CNC and diamond turning machines, capable of producing λ/20 P-V optical surfaces in production volumes.

We also use Magneto Rheological Finishing (MRF®) which allows us to produce optical surfaces with industry leading low figure error. This advanced technology works as a post processing step for optics that have been conventionally or CNC polished to provide optical surfaces with irregularities better than λ/60 P-V. Our process minimizes the generation of mid-spatial frequency errors.

While MRF can be used to limit the aberration contribution of individual surfaces, it is also combined with in-house transmitted wavefront metrology to allow for targeted wavefront correction at the system level.

Fabrication Tolerances Commercial Grade Precision Grade High Precision 
Diameter (mm) +0.000/-0.100 +0.000/-0.025 +0.000/-0.005 
Thickness (mm) +/-0.150 +/-0.050 +/-0.010 
Centration (edge thickness 
difference, mm)   
0.050 0.015 0.005 
Clear Aperture (%) 85 90 95 
Surface Quality (scratch/dig) 60-40 20-10 10-5 
Polished Surface Roughness (A, RMS) 20 
Polished Surface Irregularity 
(waves, P-V @ 633 nm) 
λ/4 λ/10 λ/60 
Spherical Radius (fringes) 10 

The general specifications above show our manufacturing capabilities for optics ranging in size from 3 to 200 mm. The manufacturing limits are not absolute. Part specific tolerances may vary depending on component size, shape and/or material.

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