Global Supply Chain

In addition to in-house fabrication, Melles Griot can source a variety of optical and opto-mechanical products both for in-house and customer site assembly needs. We have developed an extensive network of internal and external suppliers worldwide, allowing us to tailor the supply chain strategy to your production volumes and cost targets. We offer:

  • Worldwide manufacturing for maximum flexibility in performance to cost
  • Rigorous documentation with revision control and serialization
  • Lead-time management for optimized cost and delivery requirements
  • Dual-site manufacturing for risk reduction
  • Blanket orders, purchasing contract and just-in-time delivery support

Customer/Product Lifecycle Support

Melles Griot provides customer service and support throughout the lifecycle of the supplied products. Our customer service and engineering teams are well trained on providing application support, warranty and post warranty services and repair. Our efforts don’t stop there. We develop an ongoing partnership so that we are ready to support your next platform as well. We offer:

  • Installation support
  • Personnel training
  • Troubleshooting
  • Product repair and upgrades

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