Markets and Applications

MarketsProduct OfferingApplications
  • High NA objectives from DUV to NIR
  • Beam conditioning optics
  • Illumination systems
  • Integrated optical metrology systems

Products offered by Melles Griot Optical Systems find application in front-end metrology, back-end inspection, direct write lithography and wide field of view lithography.

Life Science
  • Fluorescence imaging objectives
  • Reflective objectives
  • Imaging subsystems
  • Correction optics

Melles Griot partners with customers to provide OEM products serving the DNA sequencing, fluorescence imaging, vision correction and analytical instrument markets.

Materials Processing
  • F-theta lenses
  • Beam expanders
  • Relay optics
  • High damage threshold components

The Melles Griot history of custom optical solutions for materials processing includes specialty objectives for laser ablation that have been corrected for both operational and vision channels.

Defense and Security
  • Optical shutters
  • Optical components for day and night vision sights
  • Laser rangefinder components

We specialize in developing and volume manufacturing custom shutters for IR-imaging systems used in defense and security applications. Melles Griot also has extensive experience in optical components and systems in VIS to LWIR range for infrared imaging, optical guidance and targeting.

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